January 31, 2019

Mobile Apps for eCommerce

E-commerce industry has grown rapidly and vastly with the change in technology. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the use of the latest technology trends is applied in order to drive more business.  One of the trends that have helped in growing this industry is mobile app development. Having a mobile-friendly website is good but an e-commerce app for your business can help you grow your sales more effectively. With an e-commerce mobile app that works for both Android and iOS platforms, an already existing business or a business start-up can easily reach an even wider audience. With an e-commerce mobile, your business will experience better conversion rate, better efficiency,  increased revenues and brand recognition. Thus, to conquer the significant share of a business, a corresponding mobile app is important in order to create an advanced marketing strategy, attract more customers, and increase an income.

However, with the fast-growing world e-commerce, there are various leading trends in e-commerce mobile app design your e-commerce mobile app needs in order to allow your business to stay ahead of the evolving customer needs. First, with AR and VR solutions, a customer may take a virtual tour around a digital store, place the virtual products onto the real world objects and try on virtual clothes. For example, the new app by Ikea allows its users to visualize furniture in their homes using the mobile’s camera. AR can motivate shoppers to buy as they get more enhanced customer experience. Secondly, e-commerce operations can be efficiently improved with the use of automation. Some areas of e-commerce routine that need automation are order and inventory management, cart abandonment solutions, email marketing tools, accounting and bookkeeping, and social media management systems. In addition, selling across several channels is a matter of omnipotent importance. Therefore, as more e-commerce entrepreneurs are employing a multichannel selling strategy, there is a greater demand for software that can communicate with various sales channels via APIs. Hence, given that the future of e-commerce is multichannel it is important that your custom software is a multichannel e-commerce app.

Our knowledge of e-commerce and the leading trends was used for a client who is one of the leading and traditionally distinguished wholesale seller and retailer. This client deals with several traditional, consumable products and required the development of an e-commerce android application. The challenge was to develop a Native Android app which will replicate the features of their current e-commerce web application with better UI / UX and great look and feel. AppleSquare developed an Android mobile application based on its existing E-commerce web application features. The user interface was done with special care and world-class standard to attract the users and increase the app usage which will automatically result in user purchase and revenue for the client. We followed the industry best practices and designed the application with options to update home page banner image by the admin, any number of subcategory level could be defined etc.. Also product listing was done with easy to use options such as Image zoom, Image slide show, multiple image view as like Facebook, Product specification listing with any number of subheadings. The resulting app was dynamic as well as being able to accommodate any level of data. It was easy to use, with world class UI and ultimately delivered superior customer experience.

With the vast change in technology and leading trends in e-commerce, it is important to keep up with these trends in order to drive more business. Our expertise in e-commerce helps us develop mobile solutions tailored to care for your clients. Contact us today so we can create an app that will not only provide the best user experience to your customers but also witness immense growth in your profits.

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