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A quick snapshot of how some of the key industries have changed around us


We’ve all seen the banking industry evolve in tech space over the years. Journey from the passbooks to ATM’s may have taken a while, but the stuff you can do on your mobile is nothing short of just amazing. Let’s have a look at the technology in this space:

  • Forecasting future balances based on complex algorithms & simple statistical history
  • Loans application and approval process
  • Locating a bank, branch, or an ATM
  • Instant borrowing capacity, equity in the existing property & all other forms of financing
  • Fund transfers, bills payment, or any ecommerce
  • Stocks, derivatives and other foreign currency trading simplified

Health & Wellbeing

Smartphone combines communication and computing capabilities besides offering GPS, high-quality cameras, powerful processors, and operating systems in a single device. It’s like a hand-held computer and sky is the limit:

  • Information, maintenance, access and time management of health records on fingertips
  • Communication and consulting in the virtual world
  • Wait less medical centers with online bookings at nearby medical centers or with your preferred GP
  • Vaccination and immunization tracking
  • Crowd-sourcing to quickly detect and track flu outbreaks
  • Prescription only health care apps and other Pharma apps to validate authenticity of the medicines

Lifestyle, Entertainment and Social

  • Nearby is at the core of all lifestyle technology
  • From instant photo share, common interests, to more complex matching algorithms
  • Instant connectivity with friends and strangers alike
  • Safety and security have increased with the integration of social and other user profiles
  • In app advertisements connecting brands with the right audience
  • Everything Digital, from CDs, DVDs to a just a piece of code which can be played as a song, movie, game.

We are currently working with the Moits Group to develop software to manage their 300+ field staff. Appsquare is here to hear what hasn’t been done and work with you first

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