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Transforming Technology
Enterprises Applications (EA) are complex, component-based, distributed, scalable and mission critical.

We have developed EA software consisting of a group of programs with shared business applications and organizational modelling utilities designed for unparalleled functionalities for some of the large corporate clients and government bodies. Our team is well versed with enterprise architecture for SAAS, PAAS and IAAS applications.
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"We approached Appsquare to streamline our core business operation of allocating 300+ staff and equipment to various job sites daily, on-field attendance, auto timesheets and much more. The systematic approach followed by them from business analysis to actual development of the ERP and mobile apps was exemplary.”
Joe Vinci, CEO


Technology has transformed the way business is done today & we are here to cater to your ever growing requirements in the software space to keep you ahead of competition
Banking & Finance
We’ve all seen the banking industry evolve in tech space over the years. Journey from the passbooks to ATM’s may have taken a while, but the stuff you can do on your mobile is nothing short of just amazing. Let’s have a look at the technology in this space:
  • Forecasting future balances based on complex algorithms & simple statistical history
  • Loans application and approval process
  • Locating a bank, branch, or an ATM
  • Instant borrowing capacity, equity in the existing property & all other forms of financing
  • Fund transfers, bills payment, or any ecommerce
  • Stocks, derivatives and other foreign currency trading simplified
Health & Wellbeing
Smartphone combines communication and computing capabilities besides offering GPS, high-quality cameras, powerful processors, and operating systems in a single device. It’s like a hand-held computer and sky is the limit:
  • Information, maintenance, access and time management of health records on fingertips
  • Communication and consulting in the virtual world
  • Wait less medical centers with online bookings at nearby medical centers or with your preferred GP
  • Vaccination and immunization tracking
  • Crowd-sourcing to quickly detect and track flu outbreaks
  • Prescription only health care apps and other Pharma apps to validate authenticity of the medicines
Lifestyle, Entertainment and Social
  • Nearby is at the core of all lifestyle technology
  • From instant photo share, common interests, to more complex matching algorithms
  • Instant connectivity with friends and strangers alike
  • Safety and security have increased with the integration of social and other user profiles
  • In app advertisements connecting brands with the right audience
  • Everything Digital, from CDs, DVDs to a just a piece of code which can be played as a song, movie, game.

Case Studies


Moits, Australia’s leading excavating company based at Macquarie Park,approached us to automate their staff & equipment allocations. These operations involved a lot of human touch and time and the use of different CRMs and excel spreadsheets.

We started with creating process mapsand flow charts for every business operation in consultation with the client. Multi-tenant application with SAAS architecture was agreed upon in-line with the client vision to roll it out for other companies.
Using agile methodology, we ensured all stakeholders were kept up-to-date with the new information and status updates. Key features of the application:
  • Geo-Fencing enabled solution to record field staff attendance
  • Integration with payroll, leave management and allocations
  • Highly Secure & Scalable
  • SAAS Platform Architecture


Working with Nakatomi's in house team, we developed an AR app that would be used in conjunction with ABC’s “Stargazing Live” TV program.
Key highlights of the project:
  • Combining augmented reality, education, and live broadcast TV, “ABC AR - Space Discovery” we developed collection of fun minigames, and the ABC’s first augmented reality app.
  • Our team worked in-house with the client to ensure smooth integration of components
  • Full ARCore support in Unreal
  • Featured in the “New games we love” on the US App Store
  • The app was featured on national TV

Macquarie University Hospital

Macquarie Medical Imaging, part of Macquarie University Hospital, approached us to develop an ERP and hybrid (Xamarin) mobile apps to connect GPs and medical centres across Australia to their referral network. Highly complex logic and a large number of business rules were programmed with high precision to ensure the required functionality was achieved.
Key Highlights:
  • Enterprise level progressive web and mobile applications
  • Complex web of networks linking GPs, Medical Centres and Macquarie Medical Imaging staff
  • Extensive Journaling and Merging functionality
  • Social Networking
  • Dropbox API Integration

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