February 14, 2019

Mobile Apps for Healthcare Industry with Leading Trends and 1-2 Good Case Studies

With the increase in the number of smart devices and technology advancement, a big opportunity has been made available to bridge the gap between IT solutions and healthcare industry.  Mobile apps for healthcare professionals are becoming the norm in hospitals and medical practices around the country. After all, healthcare workers are the ultimate mobile workforce — they are desk-free and need tools for instantaneous collaboration and information retrieval. Mobile apps in a healthcare environment promote secure collaboration and retrieval of patient health information (PHI) from anywhere in the hospital or practice. Mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, used by healthcare professionals to quickly cater to medical emergencies and provide improved patient services, have paved a way for a digital revolution in the healthcare industry. From prescribing medicines and viewing x-ray or blood reports to tracking and monitoring symptoms and patient recovery, these mobile apps help doctors to virtually diagnose, treat, and monitor many common diseases while on the move.

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving with the changing years and technology. This implies that it is important for healthcare providers to stay abreast of changes. There is a need to incorporate the leading trends in the mobile apps made for the industry. With the latest inclusion of mobile app into the healthcare industry, there is a continuous threat of data theft given the fact that patients' health data are stored on mobile phones. Thus, the new trend requires healthcare data security measures to help companies secure their patients' data. Augmented reality is a major trend across all industries. With Augmented Reality mobile applications, the skills of healthcare providers can be enhanced. Also, they can expand their knowledge by witnessing diagnosis right in front of them. A mobile app with augmented reality can help doctors get information readily using an easily digestible manner thereby upgrading and refining their skills required in treating patients.  In addition, wearable devices like activity trackers or fitness bands are taking healthcare to the next level by involving and investing in personal health. These wearables can be effectively used to monitor vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, and more and coupled with the Internet of (Medical) Things (IoMT), a seamless ecosystem where medical reports are accessible anywhere, anytime can be created by these healthcare providers.

Our expertise in healthcare app development was applied in the development of an interactive online platform and app. As the owner of a fitness program, our client required a custom software that could allow users to monitor their health while actively taking up weight loss challenges to chase their goals. Also, our expertise was applied for a client employing over 2,000 medical experts and offering a full range of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services.

The challenge was to develop a mobile tech that would ensure information security of financial transactions, care services, and research processes. They required a large local system integrator to deploy a HIPAA-compliant IBM Security QRadar SIEM solution to their internal infrastructure. To achieve this, we applied the advanced configuration and fine-tuning of QRadar by incorporating periodic discovery scheduling, device crawler configuration, and device backup setup. The resulting app ensured information security of internal processes, systems, and devices availing them the opportunity to process over 100 million medical transaction events per day (about 1,500 events per second).

When it comes to healthcare, being future ready is the key to changing the way healthcare is delivered. To help bring additional value to your organization, Applesquare will develop a mobile application that would be a gateway to other solutions in your infrastructure, including EHR, practice management, scheduling, revenue cycle management, and other systems. Using a comprehensive interface and smooth navigation, your employees will perform the needed tasks without going through multiple screens, which is exhausting and time-consuming. We understand the importance of data protection in healthcare mobile app development and as such, we will make sure that only authorized personnel access clinical information – within the scope of their authority. Contact us today for your software development specific to your healthcare industry needs.

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