Our Approach

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The first stage is to consider your app concept along with the business environment, target market, objective, competition, budget and revenue expectation.

Project Architecture & Design

The discovery stage allows our technical and design team to think of the architecture from the users perspective. The app structure, layout, interactivity and navigation are identified in this phase to enrich user experience.


We start with Phase Zero, which involves detailed breakdown of the requirements for tech feasibility user flow. We prepare a functional specification document which is central to the entire development process.

Test & Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance commences at the discovery stage. QA prepare a list of test cases that are critical to the tech architecture, design, programming and the functionality of the final product. Testing is scheduled alongside development to ensure all the test cases are properly checked for bugs and desired functionality.


The wait is over and app is in the marketplace. We take the responsibility to submit the apps for Apple and Google review and approval. We help you set up the developer accounts and provide all necessary support both before and after the app is approved.

Ongoing Support

App Development is not a one-off activity. We provide you with all the support required for app revisions, new features, platform changes or general support. We are your trusted development partner.

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