February 9, 2018

Mobile Web Application Development Platforms & Companies

Mobile Web Application Development Across Platforms is Putting Companies Ahead

In the world of mobile application development, standards are always changing. The web development industry is already a fast-moving space but developing software on mobile platforms can be an even trickier business. New requirements, additional features to consider, and shifting preferences for devices can make predicting what a new app will need challenging to say the least.

One way some are avoiding this guesswork is by developing flexible apps that work across platforms. These cross-platform application platforms are a bit more complicated to create, but the results are easy to deploy and save you from needing to predict which devices your audience will be using. It’s an especially effective solution for mass-use apps that need to work well on a person’s smart device no matter what it is.

At Appsquare, we’ve been developing apps that bridge this rift in the market for years. After observing the behaviour of mobile web users across iOS and Android systems, including their spending and buying patterns on these devices, we started creating apps that could cater to both markets, like the popular mobile game we developed, Frinkle. Its ability to work well on both iOS and Android makes this addictive game even more successful.

Mobile Application Development Across Platforms

When it comes to mobile web application development companies, most are created to serve a particular area of the market or create one kind of app. Technical knowledge is developed in only one direction, resulting in companies that can do a few things really well, but not much beyond that. Certainly, each of these companies fills their niche well, but they have trouble adapting to new challenges or innovations in the market.

To develop phone and tablet apps that work on all systems, you need a much more deeply experienced team. Obviously, familiarity with the range of platforms out there is a must. We built the Appsquare team with these needs in mind. Our dedicated 20+ person team brings an impressive amount of technical knowledge together, allowing us to make apps that work for everyone, look stunning, and create an immersive and pleasant user experience.

By centring technical feasibility in our process -- from planning to launch --, we can be sure everything will go smoothly when your app is out on the market. This dedication to quality assurance means we’ll be testing alongside development and available after launch as well to provide ongoing support. That’s why so many have already chosen Appsquare as an app developer.

Who’s Already Using Cross-Platform Applications

Appsquare has helped bring cross-platform solutions to partners in the healthcare, ecommerce, construction, finance, pharmaceutical, and retail industries. This wide-ranging experience is what makes Appsquare a trusted development partner for over 110 verified clients including big names such as Pfizer, Vodafone, and Whizz Cleaning.

It’s not just the big companies that deserve to get ahead with this technology though. We pride ourselves on providing app development services to small businesses and start-ups as well. Whatever size your project, contact Appsquare today to see if our experienced programming team can give you the app of your dreams.

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