Appsquare is a talented Mobile app development company known for building high performance and scalable mobile apps.

Native Application Development

For an enterprise level application, you need a project manager, technical architect, programmer, graphic designer, QA and tester. These six key skills are required if you do not want to compromise on the performance, scalability and security of the app. Most of the development companies rely on the programmers to fill in these spaces which are a different discipline in themselves.

At Appsquare we have a dedicated team of 20+ staff, each with an expertise in their respective area. Our development process begins with technical analysis of your project idea, and providing you with development options with time and cost breakdown. We are well-versed with iOS & Android operating systems and demands to explicitly develop applications that get recognized in the market. Our team has in-depth knowledge and we have regular skills training sessions in the latest advancements and changes introduced in the tech space.

Hybrid or Cross – Platform Application

Similarly, the cross-platforms require specific programming Knowledge. We have dedicated programmers in each of these disciplines to ensure an enterprise level development of your application.

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How to choose between

iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet for your Application:
  • Understanding possible features and functionalities supported by iOS and Android
  • Respective positioning of different app stores for iPhone, iPad & Google Play Store based on advancements in applications, user behavior and spending pattern. For example, business and education apps may have no point of utility on iPhone even though they are perfect apps for iPad
  • Understanding the target audience for your app. For example, apps geared toward children might be better suited for larger screens - iPad & Android tablets since kids enjoy large graphics and being able to tap and swipe with ease. However, business apps may do better on iPhone & Android mobile phones since business people tend to work on the go. Also, apps for visually oriented tasks, such as interior design and cooking, might do better on the larger screen of the iPad & Android tablet
  • Games, for example, are played more on mobiles (people on the go), but they don’t spend as much on buying a game or in-app-purchase as compared to the gamers on tablets (iPad & Android tablets)
  • App Profitability: Historically, Apple iOS apps have been more profitable for developers. It is best to compare similar apps and their profitability & download figures on respective platforms

Affordable, Reliable, Award Wining Company

Our creative development studio is located in Parramatta. We think ahead, innovate and develop cutting-edge apps for iOS Android and Windows. Our specialist team of programmers is well-versed with the latest advancements in both the Native and Cross-Platform application platforms. Performance and Scalability is at the heart of all our software development.

We also have a dedicated team of experts to design and create amazing Games for Mobiles, Tablets, Xbox, PlayStation, Kinect, MAC and PC.

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Meet Our Team

Vishal Gumber


Tima Anoshechkin

Project Manager

Adam Pinto


Arianne Elliott


Boramy Unn






Nichelle Nolan


Agaki Bautista


Jonathon Iskov


Erin Hall


Keen Foong


Anitta Smith


Nicole Padilha


Joel Van De Vorstenbosch

Game Programmer

Andrew Matthews

Game Programmer

Daniel McMohan

Story & Dialogue

James Flood

Music & SFX Director

Lionel Hobden

Music & FX

Pritika Sachdev

Marketing & Public Relations