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Whizz Cleaning

An uber fresh approach to cleaners

Whizz Cleaning

is the leading platform for connecting individuals looking for home cleaning services with top-quality, pre-screened independent cleaners

Total Equity Funding $2M in 1 Round


Most Recent Funding $2M Series B

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Other tech startups

Facebook, Uber, Tinder, Whatsapp, Snapshot are just a few examples of successful startups. These are large enterprises now, but their early requirements were a lot different to mature companies that they are today.

We understand this space and work very closely with the new ideas as they come to life. Minimum viable product, proof of concept, early sketches, UX, flowcharts, we do it all and our clients love us for that.


It may be a household name now, but how did they get there


When was the last time you called for a taxi recently?

Total Equity Funding $8.71B in 12 Rounds



Why Appsquare

Our apps stand out for crisp UI and fluid motions designs. We keep our finger on the pulse of current and upcoming updates in technology and app stores. Be it the opening of control centers, or the introduction of new APIs or new hardware functionalities, we develop futuristic and trend defining mobile apps.

Google's open source vision for mobile development makes Android apps both lucrative and challenging to develop. We create stellar, highly secure and top of the line apps with a responsive layout and ensure compatibility with multiple devices.

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We have a dedicated team in our Studio that specialize in

Game Design

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