January 3, 2019


With the growing trend of mobile apps, selling products has been a little bit trickier. There is competition everywhere and the trend is constantly changing. Hence, this question arises; what can be done to make a mobile app development stand out from the crowd? The answer is simple. Enhancing the consumer’s preference,

Mobile app design is much more than just about visual effects. It is about the relationship between the product and the user. Just like in any Mobile App Development, the UI (user interface) is very important in increasing the ability of a product or application to sell. Apart from putting a lot of features in the Mobile App Development or integrations with other systems, the UI (user interface) must be the top priority. Strategic product design saves development time, earns more dollars, and converts more customers.  For example, YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing website, has more than half of its videos viewed on mobile devices. This is because its mobile app UI design is accessible and fresh. During custom app development for mobile phones, these apps have unique UI design requirements because, compared to their desktop counterparts, they’re used in smaller screens and, at least with today’s modern mobile devices, rely on fingers instead of a keyboard and mouse as input mechanisms. Therefore, to increase your customer’s loyalty to your app, the challenge is to make a product that will suit their tastes.  This is seen in Pinterest. From a carefully implemented sign up process to a full-scale display of photos, Pinterest added enough detail to the user interface thereby keeping the images and content at the center.

When an Android/iPhone user downloads your mobile application, the first thing the user sees is your app UI. Therefore, iPhone application UI/UX design, iPad IU/UX, Android UI/UX Design can make or break your application in the market. For a technology rich product, winning user acceptance is crucial. User acceptance depends on the usability of the product. To present a technology pact product to users requires innovative UI design to make it acceptable to users. A noteworthy example is seen in Google Maps. The material UI design of Google Maps makes it aesthetically pleasing, yet very productive. The entire Google Map app UX is full of subtle animations, providing the user with great reassuring feedback all across the board which can contribute to better engagement from the users. This shows that customer interaction with your mobile applications is through your user interface and a simple and clean UI is the shortest way to customers’ loyalty.

In application development, great user interface, or UI design, is all about helping the user to accomplish a given task as simply and efficiently as possible. While the look and feel is undeniably important, at the core of a great UI is function: in terms of navigation, it should be intuitive to the point of being invisible. As soon as a user gets lost, or can’t work out where to go, the UI has failed. Our approach towards the design process is methodological and this enables us to create flawless user interface designs. At Applesquare, we understand the important role mobile interface design plays. We plan and design the shortest and most efficient user flows patterns by reducing the number of objects, steps necessary to complete the target action and effective space management. Our talented user interface (UI) designers focus on resolving interface structure and workflow challenges through navigation, information, and interaction design. We also resolve content and data visualization needs. All of this is addressed with a keen sensitivity for visual aesthetics and UI best practices.

Having created many consumer mobile apps, Applesquare knows the keys to great user experience and how to leverage the power within Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. Contact us today so you can augment your brand by communicating methodical user-centric and easy-to-use web applications.

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