February 9, 2018

Native Mobile App Development

What are the Benefits of Native Mobile App Development?

Almost everyone these days knows what an app is. Even though the name only came into existence a few years ago, everyone who owns a smartphone is familiar with the process of downloading and installing a new app on their device. After all, it’s the primary way we customise our phones to make them specific to us and more useful. But what’s a native app? And, how is a native mobile app better than say, a web app?

The simple definition—a native app is a program that’s created and developed to work on a particular operating system. So, a native iOS app would be made specifically for an Apple device, and you’d find a native Android app on an Android phone such as a Samsung or Google Nexus.

The benefits of creating native apps are that they can utilise the specific features of a device. To give an example, most Apple phones come equipped with tilt sensors, so the apps you get that act as a spirit level or compass will utilise this built-in feature for the best results. Native apps can also use operating system features and other native apps you might find on that device. Take an app that can send emails to a customer as an example—a native app on an Apple device might use the Mail app to send that email, which means less setup required for the user.

Where to Go for Native Mobile App Development

If you’re looking for a company to build a native app for your business, then you will need a developer who has experience with programming apps specifically for that device. Only developers with this knowledge will know all the features available, and how to get the best out of them. Of course, you should also be looking for other traits too, such as the ability to determine just what kind of app you’re seeking, and what features it should have. You might also want to see the developer’s existing portfolio, to see what kind of apps they have created in the past.

Trying to find a developer that ticks all these boxes sounds daunting, doesn’t it? It’s a good job, then, that there’s a developer just around the corner in Parramatta that focuses on just these qualities. If you’re looking for help to develop a native app on either iOS or Android, then you should seek the advice of Appsquare.

We’re Ready to Help You Develop the Perfect Native App

With an extensive existing portfolio boasting names such as Vodafone and Pfizer, Appsquare has helped companies in a multitude of industries with native app development specific to their business. Whether you’re into ecommerce, retail, manufacturing, or even healthcare, we can design you a useful and beneficial mobile app that takes advantage of today’s smartphones and advanced operating systems.

Your success turns into our success, so we’re keen to help you move forward with any app development ideas you have. We can work to a budget and even provide fixed-cost development, so you know the cost won’t spiral out of control. Call today to find out how Appsquare can create an app for your business.

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