February 28, 2019

Mobile Apps for Real Estate Industry

With most of the information being available through the medium of mobile apps, consumers are becoming more addicted to their handsets making it the easiest and trustworthy way of getting information or services. In every segment of businesses around the world, digital entities are extended from websites to mobile applications. And Real Estate is no different from other businesses in this case.

When customers are looking for a house, there are basically two mediums how they will search for a property. One way is by contacting the real estate agents to find the property as per their choice or having to search online. Real estate market has experienced a huge boost with an online presence. It has made information easily accessible to customers, decreased advertisement costs for real estate companies as well as brokers. A real estate mobile application has been shown to be a leading trend over the use of websites, due to more and more users shifting towards using a mobile app instead of accessing a website. It is an excellent means to drive your business success. A dexterous real estate mobile app will express your entire real estate portfolio information. It will help you to control your listings, monitor transactions, show houses, and finalize deals from the confines of your home or office. Your real-estate clients can inspect every aspect of the portfolio, together with the detailed information about entire properties like ownership details, square footage, maintenance history, budget, and accounting information and other building information, etc.

In the real estate industry, investing in real estate mobile applications gives handsome returns rapidly. It can be a great investment for real estate agents as per the current trends. These current leading app trends would make your real estate app a surefire. Having a reliable database that ensures that the app is constantly updated with new and updated data is of utmost importance. Also, having a filter property option makes it easier for clients to easily navigate the app and choose a property. This advanced search functionality helps to separate the properties based on different criteria like location, type of property, price range, and much more. The use of graphical representation of data makes sure that the app is not loaded with too much info. Additionally, including a map for a respective property, neighboring areas such as landmarks, parks, schools, traffic, commute, etc is important in a real estate app. Also, push notifications is an important leading trend to include in a real estate mobile app. It encourages users to visit a custom application more frequently and often times even if they didn’t plan to do so.

A client, which was known as the most respected brand in the real estate industry with over 100,000 sales professionals, 7,000 franchised broker offices, contacted us for the development of a real estate mobile app. The challenge was the development of a mobile app that would optimize retention and engagement rates, and Map pin clustering. The search locations were clustering while zooming the map. First, the issues of clustering and search were resolved by the use of an artificial intelligence algorithm followed by making the app to be more user-friendly. This resulted in an app with optimized reaction rates, easiness in finding the right property, user-agent direct interaction and option for an open house.

Appsquare offers new technology approaches to handle real estate issues. We help real estate brokers and companies need to respond to the shifting conditions and seize new opportunities. Our real estate mobile solution can help agents and property managers to connect with customers on the go, as well as effective management of leads. We offer mobile apps with search feature powered by navigational tools, virtual tour feature as well as photo/video upload. Appsquare mobile apps for real estate business allows agents and managers to view and showcase the property on their smart devices with Android or iOS software, as well as provide easy access to data such as space details, appointments, reports and other inputs required for capturing and tracking lead status. Contact us right away let's discuss your real estate application development project.

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