August 17, 2018

How can a business app improve productivity?

Mobile applications can have amazing implications when it comes to improving the productivity of your business. By developing an application to assist in utilizing mobile devices in your workforce, it is possible to give your employees as well as your customers the chance to improve productivity and profitability across the board. Developing a mobile application can see a significant gain in productivity in almost every department of your business. If your company currently is not using a type of mobile application, the support you can see regardless of the industry that you work at can be beneficial. Here are some of the top elements of your business that can improve as a result of developing a mobile application:

Improved productivity from employees: if employees have access to tools and files that they regularly use at work from the cloud and on their mobile devices, it is possible that they can become much more effective wherever they may be. Mobile applications can help to improve the effectiveness of sales staff, workflow in office staff as well as the ability to react and communicate with off shifts. By improving information flow as well as communication tools within any business it's possible for individual employees to continue seeing productivity improvements over time. In a study conducted in the UK on the development of enterprise mobile applications, app development and launch was able to boost productivity on average in survey results by 34% in every employee.

Reducing the cost of business operations: with the help of a mobile network and the tools to organize a workforce, it is possible to reduce costs. Mobile applications can be designed to run in the cloud and this eliminates many compatibility issues with the software. The overhead of a company can be reduced by improving this compatibility. If a company were to enact a, bring your own device policy or even subsidize the cost of mobile devices for their employees, it is possible that cost savings could still be seen over purchasing traditional equipment. Every employee could provide their own Ipad device or Android device, subsidized by the company with no need to update equipment as the app would retain compatibility. Applications can also be developed with push notifications for new training materials, chat features to keep companies connected as well as features for printing, saving/accessing files on private servers and more. Almost every element of your training, communication and business operations could be translated to a mobile platform to improve on hardware update costs and the need for large-scale workspaces.

Improved customer service: Sales staff can remain more attentive when they have access to all of the mobile data that they need. With electronic catalogs, mobile payment options, communication tools and full access to the cloud, sales and customer service staff can pull a wealth of information about customers and improve overall customer experience in every service call or service appointment. Imagine being able to go out on a service call and instantly get a contract drafted, payment information processed and new customer information logged into your system for the start of production or the beginning of service. All of this sales data can be shared in the cloud and networked with other departments of your business to improve the speed of service as well as the information available to customer service representatives.

Fewer errors in your business: with the right communication tools as well as a wealth of knowledge available in the cloud, it is possible for employees to communicate with one another and receive the answers that they need in a much faster timespan. As input data can be edited in real time, a mobile application can prevent errors within a business and ensure that data can be updated faster for all employees. Mobile data and mobile applications can reduce the chance of human error, data loss and help to save your company money over time by ensuring that mistakes can be prevented.

An environmentally friendly option: not only are mobile applications a faster and more productive way to do business with your company, but they are also an extremely environmentally friendly way to do business. Not too many companies actually keep paper records anymore and having a tool that can assist with data entry, and storage can be important. Replacing paper processes with a mobile application can cut down on errors as well as be an extremely environmentally friendly option for businesses in any industry. If you want to cut down on your paper costs a mobile application can be an incredible support for environmentalism.

If you are interested in cutting down on costs, improving efficiency and generating better customer service experiences, the time to develop a mobile application for your business could be now. If you have a great idea for processes that could improve your business on mobile devices, you should speak to an application development company today.

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