August 30, 2018

Why Every App Needs Testing

One of the most important elements of developing an application is the testing process. Without access to proper testing an application can perform inadequately with carrying out its desired processes, could be extremely vulnerable to security concerns or it may need major refinement before it can be signed off by the customer or by the marketplace host. Proper testing helps to identify basic failures before and app launches. If an app launches in its original state before testing there's always a chance that the app could easily crash, that there could be one or abilities, that the reception of the application will be poor and a variety of other variables. Here are some of the top reasons why any app needs testing before it's finalized for release to the customer or finalized for posting on any of the top application markets.

Keep these top reasons in mind for why every app needs testing:

User experience may need to change: the user interface for the user experience that an application currently has may not be a receptive experience for the average user. Checking into the form and function of an application by having a few beta testers or a few people in the demographic for use of the app will help developers to see some huge problems that could be present with the overall design of the user interface, the icons, the navigation and more. By identifying these issues early on it's possible to make adjustments so that the application can be more user-friendly for those who are going to need it regularly.

To ensure basic function testing: Every application has a purpose and if testing reveals that the main purpose of the application is not met, it could be time to goad directly back to the drawing board. If the goal of your application is to act as a communication platform, you need to make sure that the main part of the application is dedicated to this and that it works reliably. Reliable functions on the main aspect of your application will ensure that there is a good reception for the app and that it can actually serve the purpose that it was commissioned for. If the app crashes during the main function or the design has become convoluted with many other features, this can often detract from the main purpose that the app was created for.

Discovering patterns: discovering patterns during testing with beta testing can actually help you to focus in on features that are more in demand. If you have identified a problem with the interface or there is a feature like a file sharing that is one of the most popular elements of the application, this could be an element of the app that you could bolster future development. Identifying various patterns of use will also help you with creating a better user interface and a more intelligent description of the app. If you start to see a pattern in areas where people get stuck using the application or in features that beta testers are ignoring, it could be time to make adjustments to make your application more streamlined and to heighten the abilities of certain elements your app is going to offer.

Discovering performance flaws: An application that is very slow to load or an application that requires elements to load several times can lead to huge problems with receptiveness. Optimizing the code within your application and making sure that the images and graphics files can be minimized is important to helping your application load faster, to minimizing bandwidth with your application and for preventing errors with every element of your application operations. Optimization is a consistent process through development and with regular testing you can work at getting an app to load faster and perform much more reliably/efficiently.

Ensuring maximum user retention: if you launch an application that has not been properly blood tested this can lead to immediate updates which can compromise user retention. If people have an application that is going to update several times a day, this can be a significant hassle for them to run. An application that is fully functional and free of minor bugs on launch can be more eagerly accepted by users and it will retain a larger and more dedicated user group from the beginning. Early adopters and loyal users of your application will be one of the only ways to improve the popularity of an app. Launching an app and experiencing poor user retention at the beginning can do in your app and the brand name of your application for the future.

With so many advantages that can come with the process of proper testing, we can see just how important the process of testing an app is for the launch and development of applications on any platform. Rather than launching an app and experiencing the worst case scenario of that app failing, place proper development funds in testing to make sure that it can launch with the greatest chance of success.

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