July 30, 2018

Common UX design mistakes and how to Avoid them

User experience has become a huge aspect of application design. If you aren't considering the user experience and the overall interface design for your application, you could be alienating a large amount of the people who will be using your app daily. Here are some common UX design mistakes that can be missed or even requested by companies developing applications:

Testing too late: If you are testing your user experience with the final build and validating it in a built state, this can lead to massive problems with usability. Storyboard the way your app will look and the way that it will function and hold regular meetings on how to improve it. Try to receive user feedback if possible.

Having separate departments: With a designer, developer and researcher all working on the same application in different departments, sometimes communication can be difficult with UX design. Working to make sure that departments are collaborating in that professionals are working with a project manager for each application will help to make sure there are better continuity and problem solving with UX.

Using templates/plagiarizing: creating something original is very important with UX. Blatantly copying another design will not make your app stand out and while you can take inspiration from other applications, it is important to forge your own path.

Focusing on design too early: Building extremely elaborate wireframes and instantly going into the design process for the application without testing the wants or needs of the target market can often lead to a design that is perfectly form fitted to the needs of the creator. The problem with these types of designs, however, is that they aren't ready for the general public to use.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind when you're working on your UX design process.

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