June 1, 2018

The Top Elements requested in UI Design

When working with a design and development team to create an application, there are many top elements that go into a quality user interface design. Here are some of the top requested elements in UI design which are the most important to end-users and those that commission app creation:

Responsive app designs: In concept, an application design can seem quite responsive and intelligent but when it comes to actually applying these elements in JavaScript, CSS and development code they may not respond in the same way or express the same quality when used on a mobile device.

Staying simple: in many cases, those that commission application development is so focused on the idea of keeping an application simple that they forget an application still has to impress end users. There is a big difference between an application that simply looks plain and an application that has been intelligently designed to convert and woo users.

Real user testing: testing needs to take place at every element of application design from the initial storyboarding and wireframe all the way to the first build of the product. Without the proper amount of testing, a design call fall short and the elements included in the user interface may be difficult for users to figure out.

Quality icons: Most simplistic UIs today are graphically-based. This is because many users are so responsive to the idea of a graphical interface and less text-heavy style designs. Through the assistance of quality icons and a graphical interface, it is possible to enjoy a better quality experience.

Keeping it consistent: a user interface needs to have flow and each element in the app needs to be branded with consistency. Without this consistency and app can feel unprofessional.

Keep some of these top elements requested in UI design if you're going to be working with a developer in the future.

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