June 23, 2018

Elements that make Apps more addictive

If you want to make a very successful application, one of the best ways that you can work at making an app better is with elements that are quite addictive. Elements of your application they continue to draw your audience back into the application will help to ensure the future success of your app. Here are some of the top elements that you can introduce into your application to make sure people are consistently checking it:

Keeping it simple: An app that is simple yet fun to use will have people opening it up constantly. Apps like flappy bird and Tinder are so popular because they can be opened in a flash and used with very little effort or instruction.

Make it casual: remember that a large number of people today are using applications while they are on the go and as a second screen experience. Building an application that requires only a casual amount of attention can help to make sure your app is regularly opened.

Introduce time sensitive controls: apps like Farmville have moments during the day where users can harvest crops and earn more points by logging in at certain times of the day. By introducing time-sensitive elements in which the user has to login to maintain greater control over the app will help to make sure they are consistently logging in.

Gamification: Introducing achievements, sharing and a small competitive element to any application will help to make it more addictive. Some of the most widely used workout applications game of five the process of fitness and offer a small competitive element to keep people motivated and continuously opening the application. Introducing game application in applications can spike the competitive nature of users and ensure they regularly check in on the app.

Consider some of these strategies and more that will make applications more addictive.

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