Case Studies


  • Finch, a leading movie production company, is engaged in social initiative to encourage and impart technology tools to young women to bring out gender equality in all things STEM
  • They approached us with this exciting project ‘Creatable’ to enable online classes for Finch’s technologists take students on a ‘build your own idea’ creative journey that explores this process with real world problems in real world environments
  • The development involved building iOS application with content delivery capabilities, screen share, taking notes in real-time, assessment and project submission

Fish Assist

The client, inspired from his interests in fishing, approached us with this challenging project to identify the specie of a catch, provide measurements and other tools & tips. The development process involved a lot of research in different technologies which would provide best outcome. Appsquare’s programmers coded complex machine learning algorithms for the app to continually improve its fish matching capabilities.

The app was very well received on Apple store and it continued to be number 1 in Sports category in Australia for months after launch. A big win for the client and Appsquare.


We developed an Uber style Home Cleaning App with functionality to create automated booking, invoicing, cancellation and refunds. Built on-time and on-budget for all stakeholders involved.

  • Uber style approach to home cleaning industry
  • Slick app design and automated bookings, invoicing, cancellation and refunds
  • Great user experience with minimalistic steps to find and book a verified cleaner
  • Raised $4 mil within a year of launch

Veterinarian Board, NSW

Veterinary Practitioners Board, NSW manages veterinarian registrations and hospital licenses. They were using paper based forms for all its member operations and wanted to move online. Then there was a need for respective Staff, Vet and Hospital progressive web apps and a new responsive website for its public interface.
  • The journey started with understanding their current technology stack and freezing on Microsoft DotNetNuke (DNN) for the new one. Data security and scalability were the deciding factors
  • Then came numerous workshop sessions to capture intricate details of every function related to the life cycle of its members and hospitals
  • Our team worked alongside the Board to design custom forms that adapt to the user response at each step and lead to the desired outcome, without having to need different forms for every process
  • Flow charts were prepared to map out the functionality with every business rule to provide simple user experience for its members and the new applicants
  • It has Payments, Invoicing and Management Reports for respective users
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