December 6, 2018

Hybrid App Development

The use of mobile devices for digital marketing is the latest and predominant marketing strategy used by many businesses in increasing revenues and facilitating their business growth. As a business trying to engage and charm more customers, this global trend is of utmost importance as it prevents being flung out of the competition. Most companies create mobile versions of their websites to remain competitive. For this purpose to serve better, businesses can think of building either platform-specific native applications or hybrid apps that work across multiple platforms. Rather than creating multiple apps for different platforms, it makes a perfect business sense to create hybrid apps. Hybrid app development provides the most suitable solution for businesses given that it allows for the efficient creation of solid applications that are compatible with all user devices.

Development of hybrid apps has many positive aspects: It has a faster app development process, simple and easy to maintain with cross-platform UI. It is easily integrated with the device file system with less expensive app development and cost-effective maintenance. Hybrid apps have single code management for multiple mobile platforms making it easier and cheaper to develop and deploy for use.

Made to deliver seamless experiences across platforms, the development of custom hybrid apps vary given its dependence on the tool, process, and deliverables of custom software development. To simplify and accelerate custom hybrid app development, there are robust hybrid app development frameworks utilized. Some of the widely used frameworks include:


This framework is used to develop apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile with a single and shared code base written in C#. The development toolset includes Xamarin Studio/Visual Studio, Xamarin SDKs, Xamarin Test Cloud featuring test scripts for automated testing and Xamarin. Insights with advanced app monitoring feature for power users and free crash reporting. To create apps for any mobile platform, we will complement your app code base C# with.Net framework. This framework also features a platform-specific UI code layer required in designing the user interface of your app.   We will build high-performance apps with native look and feel by converting app UI components into the platform-specific interface elements at runtime. Using plugins and specific APIs, we would eliminate all hardware compatibility issues by leveraging all native and the latest API access in order to utilize underlying platform capabilities in ARKit on iOS or Android Multi-Window.

React Native

Facebook’s popular ReactJS JavaScript library is running under the hood of this mobile framework, built specifically to design natively rendered UIs for iOS and Android. With this JavaScript library, we will build cross-platform apps with minimal effort that grant a native-like experience to our app end-users. A React Native-designed UI will be incorporated into your existing mobile app’s code, making it more like a library than a framework, while still packed with extras that make styling, debugging and deploying your app into the App Store or Google Play a breeze. Using React Native, we will blend the productivity of web technology with the functionality of native apps to develop a custom mobile app similar to an Android app written in Java or an iOS app written in Swift/Objective-C.

Ionic Framework

Designed as an open source SDK for hybrid mobile app development, Ionic Framework uses AngularJS that supports two-way data binding and interaction with backend services and APIs. It has the Ionic Creator, an online tool with drag-and-drop support to create prototypes of the mobile app rapidly, Ionic View App, Ionic Deploy, Ionic Monitor and a wide variety of available UI components for user interface design. Ionic framework presents three platform-based customization options – platform classes, dynamic templates, and styling with AngularJS. We will add classes to the body section of your app project based on the underlying device and at the same time use the dynamic templates to customize your app for each platform through loading a specific template in a given state. Using Ionic Monitor, we will develop your app to be seamlessly deployed across platform-specific app stores and enhance your app’s native user experience by using TypeScript extensions and PhoneGap plugins.

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