July 11, 2018

Why you should consider a minimalist UI for your App

Some of the most common user interface design elements today fall within a minimalist design. Many applications are taking on this approach as a means to design better apps, web pages and more. Minimal UI is a trend in almost every aspect of the industry and there are a number of reasons why you should consider this type of UI design for your own application:

Encourages experimenting: minimalist icons and other elements within the application can encourage the exploration of your application fully. With only a few options available on the app, users are much more apt to consider clicking around your app and trying out every element on the page to understand the navigation. This can help them to navigate much faster in the future.

It requires more intelligent flow: minimalist UI requires extensive testing and more intelligent flow. This means symbols which are intuitive and application that has a very intelligent system for access as well as elements that flow into each other. With your user interface design, you need to be able to create elements that draw the eye to the next stage of use in the design.

Removes clutter: unnecessary elements within an application can make the process of any user task more tedious as well as fill up small screens faster. On application design, it's important to hide other elements in the user interface when they aren't in use. With just a few options available on screen this can reduce the chance for misclicks and mistakes.

Better showcase of branding: with more room available in your user interface, you can have branding up and available at all times and even create the look of an interface that incorporates your logo, color scheme and more.

Consider some of these top reasons and more for why a minimalist UI for your application is a fantastic idea for the development process.

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