December 15, 2020

What are the 2021 app trends that are going to be sustained in light of the global economic and health scenario?

1) Internet Of Things (IoT) technology
Business owners and appliance manufacturers, when they need to do app development relevant to their business, they should take into account IoT technology which enables the app to reproduce verbal or gesture based instructions from its user, to enable the operation of their appliance and gadget within the household or office with ease.

2) Wearable Technology connected to apps
This is closely linked with IoT technology too. Manufacturers of smartwatches, trackers and fitness bands should take heed that competition is heating up in these markets. They should develop apps that work with these devices that monitor heart rate, oxygen rate, the number of steps walked in a day, and other indicators of health. Creativity is the key in developing apps that support this pent up demand for these information. This is not just even limited to health, but also to apps that tell the business owners through their wearable devices that something fishy is going on in their establishment, whether it be at the cash register, or at the warehouse. Or even for device or appliance makers, they need apps that are linked to wearable devices that warn the consumer when the air fryer has not been put off or the toaster has contents that are burning inside.

3) Android and IOs Apps that are cloud based.
At present, business apps require space on the smartphone and without cloud integration, they sometimes become clunky and dysfunctional. If they seamlessly work on the cloud, they can be accessed anytime and anywhere by the app users who are always on the lookout to make their life and their business easier.

4) 5G Technology integration into enterprise app development
5G will increase the functionality of mobile apps. It is expected to improve overall network performance and capacity for traffic. For 2020 alone, 5G linkages will be 15 times higher than in 2019. 2021 will make it quadruple. The world will be conducting business at warped speed through the miracles of apps for business and also for lifestyle convenience. 5G will enable faster transactions and also touchless technology to be accessed by more people. This is especially relevant in light of the scare that viruses have wrought on face to face negotiations and scenarios.

Speed and efficiency is the name of the game for app development. The business web is an ever growing space that forward minded enterprises should be excited to explore through apps.

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