September 27, 2018

Top Signs You Need to Rebrand Your App

Branding is a huge aspect of creating any corporate product. The problem that many companies face however is when it will be the correct time to rebrand an application. Rebranding an application is very different from changing a logo. Updating your app with the latest in branding and design style is extremely important to remaining relevant especially if you are taking your application to the popular app markets. Without consistent rebranding and redesign, your app can start to fall behind in rankings and this can lead to problems with profitability, customer retention and more. Here are some of the top signs that it could be time to rebrand your application and consider hiring a professional developer to create a brand new and modern design for your proven application:

Your image does not suit your current corporate identity: your corporate identity is extremely important and if you feel as though the image of your brand is not currently suit your position as a company and your goals for corporate culture, this can be one of the first signs that it's time for rebranding. If you are fed up with the look of your application, there's a very good chance that your customers are starting to get fed up as well. Consider the direction that your company is in currently and your immediate plans for the future. If the old branding on your app don’t reflect these values, it’s time to start working on some changes.

Your competitors have done something revolutionary: design standards change regularly with applications and if your competitors are mirroring this in their own redesign effort, you need to follow suit. If app standards are changing or there are new application elements in demand for your industry, it's quite important to consider making an effort to update with the signs of the time so that you can continue receiving the same amount of customers. Without updating your application and rebranding to suit the needs of your customers, you could lose a fair market share to your competitors.

If your app branding is inconsistent with other company elements: If you have undergone rebranding for your website, a logo change or even a product change, it could be a good time to consider the process of rebranding your application to match the rest of your rebranding effort. Offering consistent rebranding throughout your company while you have a more unified front for the future of your corporate image. Inconsistent branding across your various products can lead to customer confusion.

When it's time to reach out to a new audience: if you are trying to broaden the number of people who are going to be using your application, it could be a good idea to consider changing your branding or changing your application to capture a much larger market share. A successful application is going to consistently reinvent and work at building towards the future by expanding their network. Trying to appeal to a brand-new demographic can be a great way to improve the size of your audience as well as make sure that you can generate more users for your application through the process of relaunching rebranding.

Your downloads are declining: relaunching products with a fresh new logo or a major update can often lead to a huge improvement with downloading. Downloads for major games like Pokémon go for example remained stagnant after launch but after the first major patch and update that included new interface upgrades, the application saw an incredible amount of improvements. Although it can take some time for fans to revisit your application or recognize the new logo, eventually a rebranding can help to improve your popularity and potentially even help you reach a whole new audience.

Offering your product on new devices: sometimes you may need to change your interface or integrate your branding into a scalable design that will work on new mobile technology. With the development of new VR technology, smart watches as well as new types of smart phones it's extremely important that you have branding that can follow suit on these newest platforms. Your user interface may not work well on a smart watch or with VR technology but with a rebrand and redesign it is possible for you to start to see a big difference in the quality and reception of your application through new devices. Keep an eye on technology changes and make sure that your application can be rebranded over time to follow these upcoming changes for new platforms. Being a pioneer on a new platform can give your app new customers.

Consider some of these top ideas for the future development of your application. Remember that rebranding will be a requirement in order for you to retain your customers and to make sure that you can continue receiving customers into the future.

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