February 9, 2018

Mobile App Programming, Developers & Design

The Developers Putting Mobile App Programming, Development, and Design to Work for Companies of All Sizes

Phone applications are big business these days. With everyone playing the latest pocket game and using smart devices in almost every aspect of life, the apps that power these little machines are more important than ever. That means lots and lots of space for development, and many companies haven’t lost any time at all. Today, over a third of online business transactions happen on a mobile device. If you haven’t gotten involved in the market already though, jumping in can seem daunting.

After all, app development is a complicated and technical proposal. It can be an overwhelming prospect for a small team and while there are many out there who can get the job done, getting the results you want from an app is a delicate process. It requires close communication between you and the developers and you’ll need to have enough understanding of the process and the market space to ask for what you need. There is a way for small and new companies to get beautiful apps though.

As industry-leading mobile app developers, Appsquare is providing programming solutions to businesses of all kinds. You don’t need a vast enterprise to work with our experienced and talented team -- nor must you have intimate familiarity or knowledge about mobile app programming.

Mobile App Development for Everyone

Instead, we’ll walk you through every step of our process, making sure you understand what we’re building and have a say in how we develop it. We start our process with an open discovery phase. Here we’re just trying to figure out exactly what your needs are, the market space you’re working in, and what specific objectives you have for the final app design.

By conducting such a detailed workshop around the initial idea for your project, we get the important questions answered early. That way, down the line, there’s no need to go back and rethink things because we’ve run into a wall or had different expectations for the project. Getting the final product right for you is our focus throughout the whole mobile app design process -- if the final application doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.

From there, we think strategically about the architecture of the app from a user’s perspective: How is structured? How is it laid out? How do you navigate? With this basic design in mind, we then build a technical feasibility document to guide the programming process. Then it’s just a lot of building, testing, and reiterating until we’re ready for launch! Every step of the way, we’ll be in close contact and make sure we’re delivering just what you’re looking for in an app.

Developers Giving Small Companies the Right Support

Even after launch, we can be on hand to fix bugs, help you troubleshoot, and register the app with Google or Apple as needed. This support makes it possible for even small companies to launch their own application, knowing that our dedicated team is there to keep it running. Get in touch with Appsquare today to learn more about mobile app development and see what we can do for you.

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