February 9, 2018

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Should I Start with iOS or Android? When to Target iOS with your Mobile App (And How to Find the Right iPhone Application Development Company)

‘Is it better to start with Android or iOS?’

At Appsquare, we hear this question frequently from our clients. They are looking for app development services and are wondering which platform they should choose to launch their app first. As you might expect, the answer varies a bit depending on your situation. The good news, though, is that our team at Appsquare includes both very experienced iPhone app developers and extremely talented Android application builders. No matter where you decide to start, we are there to help.

Simultaneous Android and iPhone App Development: What You Need to Know

Of course, the cop-out answer here is ‘Start with both!’ There are significant benefits to both Android and iOS, and you will be missing out on potential customers if you decide to prioritise one over the other. With that said, many companies—particularly start-ups—don’t have the funds to support simultaneous development of Android and iOS app versions. As a result, clients will often choose to start with one operating system or the other, rather than hitting both right away.

There are also practical benefits to this approach. Most apps need to be tweaked and iterated multiple times before they are ready for an audience. This process takes time. Building Android and iOS apps concurrently either means that both apps must go through this iteration process or that one app stalls while the team perfects the other. To get the right product for your audience and to minimise time to market, it’s often better to start with one operating system. That way, you can launch your app on one platform and then focus on porting it over to the other.

When to Start with iPhone Mobile App Development

If you do decide to start with one platform first, the question becomes: which one is better?

To answer that particular query, you will need to think about the type of app you are building. What industry does your app serve? And who is the target demographic? There are statistics about the demographic usage for both Android and iOS, and you can use those details to strategise your approach.

In most cases, businesses and entrepreneurs alike choose to go for iPhone app development first. There are a few major reasons for this trend. First, iOS apps have historically been more profitable than Android apps. There are no guarantees—and again, you will want to look at similar apps within your industry—but money is certainly a driving factor. Second, iOS tends to be the ‘trendier’ operating system, which means that its apps spark more coverage, reviews or influencer discussion than new Android apps. If you want to build buzz behind your app, in other words, you’ll probably want to find an iPhone app development company before you go for Android.

Whether you need Android app developers or iPhone app developers, Appsquare is here to help. We can even help you weigh your options if you are having trouble coming to a final decision. To get in touch with our Android/iPhone application development company, dial 02 8883 5770 today.

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