October 25, 2018

How to get your app a better ranking in the Google play store

If you are going to be marketing an application for sale in Google play store, it is extremely important that you take some consideration into the process of making it rank highly in your niche. With millions of apps currently available in the ad store and hundreds of thousands available in every section, getting your application noticed or even ensuring your app can move its way up the list, will take some time. The Google play store algorithm works somewhat differently to the search engine algorithm and it can be very difficult to actually have your application rank well in the early stages of its launch.

By using some of these top tips however you can work at improving your applications rating, the number of downloads that you receive early on and the overall success you have as a result of the popularity your app has on the google play store:

Focus on the name:

The main title for the application and the main heading that you're going to use for your app are very important to ranking your app name. Using android as the first name in your application will generally lead to a less popular application for example. Your app should have an original name to rank well and a name that does not include other features that could become confusing when ranking it in the app store. Adding in names such as gallery, messaging, camera or settings can make the process of ranking your application much more difficult. Try to create a name that's extremely catchy and reflective of your brand as well as original so that it can rank very well.

Perform keyword research:

Keyword research with the Google play store is equally as important as it is with search engine rankings. Performing a bit of keyword research as you are creating your app description, as you as setting tags for your application and as you are naming your application can be beneficial. Use the google adwords tool to discover a variety of keywords within your niche that are high-ranking and then consider using some of these keywords in your description, as your tags or even for the name of your application. When performing keyword research try to stick to keywords that have a low difficulty score so that the text you create is much more natural and better ranking in the play store.

Professionally optimize your description:

Writing your application description for the app store can be a very quick way that you can publish your app for use. Getting a professional to write your description and to optimize it with your SEO keywords can be a better way to make sure your app can be found in search engines. Google allows up to 4000 characters available for the description of an app for the play store. As the guidelines for keyword spamming and search engine algorithms are regularly changing, it is important to trust in a professional to handle the process of your application description development.

Build a great promo video:

Video content is searchable across google search as well. It's possible that your application could actually be found via the YouTube video that you decide to create for the app store as well. The Google play store is one of the first app hosting markets that allowed developers to post their own YouTube video within the Description. Make sure that you have at least a 1 to 3 minute video of your application that is exciting and well produced. When uploading the content to YouTube for hosting you should also make sure that you take advantage of a full description, tags and proper YouTube formatting so that your video can be found alongside the listing. With the proper optimization of your video content, your app video may actually be discovered before your application page. Using your keyword research here or using an SEO content professional and video producer can be helpful to getting the best possible product available that will have mass sharability.

Build a social media campaign:

Social media results are also indexed in search engines. By making sure that you have plenty of social media mentions and content available on the top social media sites, you can make sure that your content ranks well and that your app screen in the google play store receives plenty of traffic. Regular mentions of your application over social media will help to improve downloads and ensure that keywords/ reposts surrounding your application will continue building up your search engine backlinks.

Consider some of these top elements while you are working to improve your google play store rankings. Keep in mind that the process of improving your rankings takes time and that the algorithms are consistently changing as well. With dedication however you can improve the success of your application by making it more popular in the Google play store.

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